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Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting


Real Eatate Consulting is a vast spectrum on the services covering acquisition of real estate facilities, their management, developement and sale. The important competitive advantage of “MBA CONSULTING GROUP” is its practice with all real estate types. Our specialists have reliable partners in the field of construction and architecture, marketing, value engineering and technical supervision as well as legal accompaniment. The company has working experience with big projects, thus this allows to fulfill duties effectively and ensures to get results even in the most complex and non-standart situations.     

“MBA CONSULTING GROUP” Consulting offers complex management of specialized and non-specialized real estate objects in the field of real estate consulting including:

  • Express Analysis;
  • Development of asset progress concept;
  • Accompaniment of a project;
  • Management of real estate facilities;
  • Sale of real estate facilities.

Express Analysis

Express Analysis is designed to analyze real estate object or commercial proposal on the investment to the object. And this helps to value the expediency of the acquisition of assets, to use those assets effectively, to identify possible range of market value as well as to develop assets, to form important action plan to sign deals in a short period with small expenses.

Marketing Analysis

“MBA CONSULTING GROUP” specialists conduct quantitative and qualitative researchs of markets with the help of modern analytical methods. This minimizes the risks during the decision-making process and enables clients to optimize their own business processes.     

Marketing researchs, analysis and monitoring of external (STEP) and internal (SWOT) environments is the most vital element of development strategy of any company especially in this indefinite situation.

“MBA CONSULTING GROUP” specialists will assist Your company to study market thoroughly and to develop competitive marketing concept.

Development of asset progress concept

Development of asset progress concept consists of the complex services collection that covers the analysis of the effective use of the building, marketing analysis of the relevant segments of real estate and economic fields, the formation of construction concept, the calculation of the profitability of the project, and forecasting profits to be gained from the project implementation, scheduling of work, etc. This concept allows to investor to implement the project step-by-step, describes all project related risks, costs and profits.

In this case “MBA CONSULTING GROUP” Consulting provides development options to modify the structure of capital (attraction of reserves at the expense of loan as well), if necessary ammendments to the existing project (change in supply and demand balance in real estate market, ammendments to the legislation in the field of investment and construction and so on).   

Accompaniment of a project

Accompanimet of a project is a process that covers the presence of “MBA CONSULTING GROUP” specialists in all stages of the project, such as conformance of required documents to start construction and exploitation of buildings as well as the supervision over the quality and period of any stages of construction

Accompaniment of a project covers processes listed below:

  • The part of legal preparation;
  • (If necessary) searching for investors (jointly);
  • Supervision on project estimation documents;
  • Technical supervision on construction/reconstruction;
  • Brokerage;
  • Supervision over the exploitation of the building.

Management of real estate facilities

Management of real estate facilities are comprised of complex services below:

  • Management of marketing (introduction of the building to the market and carrying advertising campaigns);
  • Management of operating expenses (exploitation and utility expenses)
  • Supervision over tenants (renting, execution of agreements, supervision on timely payment, delivering reports to accountant, etc.).

Sale of real estate facilities

Sale of real estate facilities covers presale preparation and customer searching process (moreover, development of marketing concept of object-specific actions, formation of sale system, sales of buildingobject and preparation of legal basis for the clearance as customers property, etc.), as well as accompaniment of deals and support the approval of buildings at credit organizations in case of necessity.        


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Organizations can hire consultants when there is a lack of people who are able to solve certain problems. This is often needed special methods and techniques which consultant understands better than others.

Sometimes there is a need for necessary skills and qualifications in the organization, but owners and top management don’t have enough spare time to engage with the problem arouse comprehensively and for a long time.

Even the best people may be affected too much by personal relationships and existing traditions and values which prevent them to see the problem with its real color within the organization. As a rule, the consultant is not subordinate to the Client-organization and is not liable to the internal relationships. S/he can express an independent opinion and remain unbiased when members of the company cannot be impartial.

Indeed, the educational effect of the activity of consultant is the most important. Duties of consultant: to bring new knowledge and skills to the company and to assist managers and staff to learn from their own experience. In other words, consultants teach and help a company to assist itself.