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Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting

We provide observation for economic activities and separate deals within legal consulting, full spectrum on the legal services for operations, accompaniment of disputes at the courtarbitrage lawsuit. 

Our company implements complex legal investigation (Legal Due Diligence) on business restructure or on the project within the relevant management decision-making process in case of signing agreement or on judicial person.  

Capacity of research is approved with the Client and covers aspects of activity listed below:

  • Agreements on real estate;
  • Agreements on the equities/shares of joint stock companies;
  • Rights for intangible assets;
  • Reasoning of managemet decisions (corporate management);
  • Following the requirements of Labor Code;
  • Legal regulation of the activity of production enterprises (certification, sanitary protection, protection zones, other);
  • Following the standards of anti-monopoly legislation.

Accompaniment of disputes at the courtarbitrage lawsuit covers preparation of legal argument and its reasoning, pre-trial regulation of dispute, making claim application and representation of client’s interests at first and following echelons.     

Company specialists are highly experienced and have arbitrage practice related to the categories listed below:

  • Investigation of disputes within the implementation of construction and project and design processes;
  • retain unjust enrichment;
  • dispute over the cadastral valuation of land-related properties and capital construction facilities;
  • dispute over the actions of regulatory (tariff, anti-monopoly, other regulations), and registration (real estate, cadastral registration) bodies.

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Organizations can hire consultants when there is a lack of people who are able to solve certain problems. This is often needed special methods and techniques which consultant understands better than others.

Sometimes there is a need for necessary skills and qualifications in the organization, but owners and top management don’t have enough spare time to engage with the problem arouse comprehensively and for a long time.

Even the best people may be affected too much by personal relationships and existing traditions and values which prevent them to see the problem with its real color within the organization. As a rule, the consultant is not subordinate to the Client-organization and is not liable to the internal relationships. S/he can express an independent opinion and remain unbiased when members of the company cannot be impartial.

Indeed, the educational effect of the activity of consultant is the most important. Duties of consultant: to bring new knowledge and skills to the company and to assist managers and staff to learn from their own experience. In other words, consultants teach and help a company to assist itself.