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Project Consulting

Project Consulting

Project Consulting is a set of services on project implementation planning and accompaniment (development of projects, their implementation, monitoring and evaulation of its results). Project consulting service is for separate developer projects in different stages of development. 

The development of comprehensive and adequate concept is the basement of any successful project.  

Analytic Center is ready to serve as follows:

  • Best use (analysis of the best and efficient use of land territoryspace)
  • Auditing and the development of concepts/projects

Best use (analysis of the best and efficient use of land space).

Analytic Center will realize complex work process to reveal the most efficient version of the use of land space. Decision will be made on the type of real estate, on its format and size in the field of research.  

  • Analysis of the territorial location and the quality of its reserves
  • Analysis of different segments of real estate market
  • We define the capacity of each market and potential inclusion
  • The most favorable development strategy is chosen
  • We develop the progress concept of the object
  • We develop pricing policy of project
  • We choose the most perspective using method of the territory/real estate.

Auditing and the development of concepts/projects

Auding of existing concept is the analysis of the developed concept and conceptual decisions (functional destination, capacity and priority of construction, zoning of object and formats of playgrounds/little squares) in terms of compitability. The main duty of concept auditing is to identify outdated and ineffiecient decisions in modern environment.

Auditing of concepts/projects covers:

  • Analysis of territorial location of land space/analsysis of the value of project
  • Express-analysis of the current situation of market
  • Capacity indicators of investigated segment of real estate market and its main players
  • The structure of proposal and average price indicators of investigated segment of real estate market
  • Assessment of demand,  portrait of potential buyer
  • Main results and trends of market progress
  • Analysis of the competition environment of the project
  • technical audit (construction, design decisons)
  • development of recommendations for the optimization of the project
  • Marketing recommendations and sales strategy
  • Financial calculation of the efficiency of concept/project

The development of the concept/project covers listed below:

The development concept of real estate object/facility is to design recommendations related to the analysis of the most efficient segment chosen and functionality of the real estate object as well as its development, management and realization.

The development of the concept of construction project is implemented in phases:

  • Analysis of the location of the land space desinged for the construction (city-scale location, the physical characteristics of area, city-palnning regulations and restrictions, quality of surrounding buildings, accessibility for transport, pedestrian flows);     
  • analysis of real estate market (we analyze the dynamics of supply and demand capacity, rival projects, the capacity of the inclusion of real estate buildings,exposure time of buildings);
  • the conceptual solution  (use option in terms of format and price limits);
  • Investigation of consumption trends;
  • Recommendations on the optimum ratio of area and rooms, features of design decisions, constructive and architectural solution, the optimum “sitting” of buildings;
  • Analysis of economic efficiency: the development of financial model, the calculation of performance indicators;
  • Marketing consultancy and accoppaniment.

We fullfill separate blocks of above mentioned processes and complex consulting accompanimet of construction projects.

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Organizations can hire consultants when there is a lack of people who are able to solve certain problems. This is often needed special methods and techniques which consultant understands better than others.

Sometimes there is a need for necessary skills and qualifications in the organization, but owners and top management don’t have enough spare time to engage with the problem arouse comprehensively and for a long time.

Even the best people may be affected too much by personal relationships and existing traditions and values which prevent them to see the problem with its real color within the organization. As a rule, the consultant is not subordinate to the Client-organization and is not liable to the internal relationships. S/he can express an independent opinion and remain unbiased when members of the company cannot be impartial.

Indeed, the educational effect of the activity of consultant is the most important. Duties of consultant: to bring new knowledge and skills to the company and to assist managers and staff to learn from their own experience. In other words, consultants teach and help a company to assist itself.