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Market Research

The execution of an in-depth market research is a fundamental first step for any business that wants to enter a new market or industry in order to sell well-targeted products or services. It also serves as an essential platform for the development of well-planned business decisions, as it provides a clear acumen awareness of the environment. Market research thus minimizes risks and increases potential for profit making.

Our services

We offer a full range of market research services from market entry analysis to the understanding of consumer behavior and the company’s position in the market, including but not limited to the following:

  • Market entry strategy: optimal mode and region to enter the market
  • Assessment of market size, share and future forecasts compared to competitors
  • Consumer behavior and decision-making analyses
  • Customer profile and preference analysis
  • Identification and mapping of potential customers and business partners
  • Regional analysis
  • SWOT analyses of market possibilities
  • Competitor analyses
  • Specification of local requirements for operations, production and sale of goods and services
  • Analyses of sale and purchase models and strategies
  • Test marketing before product launch
  • Outsourced sales force

Our methods

When conducting a market research, we collect and subsequently analyze both primary source and secondary source information. Our advice derives from integrated information from the following sources.

Primary information:

  • In-depth interviews with experts, market participants, officials
  • Face-to-face interviews with consumers and customers
  • Telephone interviews and surveys
  • Web-based questionnaires and surveys
  • Observational research, mystery shopping

Secondary information:

  • State statistic organizations
  • Information service providers (news agencies)
  • Mass media and publications
  • Government publications
  • Special surveys and publications
  • Databases
  • Internet
  • Associations
  • Local administrations
  • Customs statistics

Our practice

SmartSteps® is Awara’s standard approach for providing quality services through accurate and smart project management. We value each of our assignments as a top priority, and therefore we always apply our highly professional approach in delivering our services. In that way we ensure top quality and added value to our clients’ endeavors.

SmartSteps® applied to our market research services includes:

  1. Meeting with customers to define the subject of the research (research aim/ issue)
    2. Analysis of requirements
    3. Planning of the research approach and implementation
    4. Presentation of research plan and schedule to customers
    5. Pre-screening of data collection locations and sources (e.g., experts, publications, etc.)
    6. Testing of research instruments
    7. Data collection
    8. Data classification
    9. Data analysis
    10. Presentation of results of the research
    11. Post-research support (e.g., further research, addressing additional questions, etc.)

Feel the difference

We differ from traditional market research companies in that our approach is far more consultative, and that the full data-collection and state-of-the-art analysis is conducted by us. By this we aim to fully support our clients in all of their subsequent business endeavors. We utilize state-of-the-art statistical software programs such as IBM SPSS to process the collected data and perform the most reliable predictive analysis, because we want to guarantee that we offer you the most profit-driven solutions which can maximize your company’s competitive advantage.

We support several major international companies and provide them with accurate market information about specific market and business sectors, local requirements, market trends, as well as information on consumer purchase motivations, behavior of individual consumers and companies.


Awara is a member of the International Fiscal Association, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Association of European Businesses, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

We would be pleased to discuss your company’s business administration needs and offer you further information on how to enhance the profitable growth of your business in Russia.

Our Projects

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